On Inauguration Day 2017....

We here at Guestroom have been vexed about this political election since November. We have talked with many of you at our counter and at shows, we've had agreements and disagreements, and we have been more vocal on issues that matter to us. Going forward, we hope to continue not only to be a place that sells you your favorite records but a true public space-- open and welcoming to all people, able to agree and disagree, able to find commonality and solidarity in our differences, and able to use music to help us to identify to each other's struggles and keep us  nourished  in our civic engagements.

We are not partisan, but we do believe that many people we care about are at risk in the new administration. We stand in solidarity today with countless artists, musicians, and music labels, stores, and organizations who are working to support racial justice, justice for women, for immigrants, for journalists, for  the protection of our civil liberties,  our schools, our environment, for the ethical oversight of government, and for economic justice for all people.  

This weekend, January 20-22, 10% of our sales* will go to local and national organizations engaged in these fights. You can opt out at the counter, but we hope you'll have a talk with us about it, so we can learn more, engage more, and grow stronger as a citizenry in the process. 


(*By the way, thanks to Pitchfork for giving us the idea--check out what they had to say about why these organizations matter.)