RADIOHEAD Live from a Moon Shaped Pool Global Listening Event

Day: Friday June 17, 2016

Time: 11am until 9pm (live set footage/recording begins at 1pm, curated set at 3 and intermittently all night)

On June 17th we will be a part of an "exclusive global Radiohead event" in celebration of the vinyl release of Moon Shaped Pool. PLEASE SEE FULL DETAILS BELOW.

At 11am, we will open the doors, and exclusive Indie edition white vinyl will be available on first-come first serve basis! (If you pre-ordered the indie-white vinyl, don't worry, your copy is set aside for you!)

At 1pm, we will be *listening to/showing a very special 2-hour live set of performances from Radiohead's Roundhouse shows, featuring songs from the new album as well as favorites from the Radiohead catalogue

STARTING AT 3 and INTERMITTENTLY until close, we will be streaming a broadcast of "music curated by Radiohead" for the special day. 

DURING THIS EVENT, you will be eligible to register for prizes!
1st prize: One winner will receive a selection of unique figurines used in the making of the Radiohead video 'Burn the Witch'

2nd prize: Two winners will each receive a limted edition screenprint of Stanley Donwood artwork from his 'A Moon Shaped Pool' series

3rd prize: Three winners will each receive a 35mm celluloid print of the Paul Thomas Anderson video 'Daydreaming' in a film canister

PLEASE NOTE: these prizes aren't Guestroom specific-- we'll send your name in to be mixed with the rest of global attendees

So come start the new release day Radiohead weekend with us-- hear cool things, get cool vinyl, pick up a free poster, and register to win cool stuff.

See you Friday! Spread the word to your friends who want to be in the know. 

*it is still unclear at this time if this live set will be audio only or audio-visual