Guestroom Records Louisville is an owner-operated, independent brick-and-mortar record store. We specialize in new and used vinyl, cds, and cassettes across a broad musical spectrum, devoted to helping people find music to love.



Co-owners Travis Searle and Justin Sowers launched Guestroom Records LLC in 2002 with only their personal record collections. The pair sold records door-to-door and through their guest rooms and garages prior to opening their first retail location on Crawford Ave in Norman, Oklahoma. 

Today, Guestroom Records is proud to be a part of three communities with locations in Louisville, KY (opened 2013), Oklahoma City, OK (opened 2007) and Norman, OK (opened 2002).  

The Louisville store is managed by co-owner Travis Searle and his partner Lisa Foster.  Foster (a Kentucky native) and Searle chose to make Louisville their home after years of traveling through the city to visit Foster's family and friends. 



125 East Main Street

Norman, OK 73069






3701 N. Western Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73118


1806 Frankfort Ave

Louisville, KY 40206