Important 2019 Record Store Day Information

We cannot answer for certain what RSD releases we will have in stock, or the quantity, as titles are still arriving and allocations on the number ordered are customary for Record Store Day releases. We have ordered approximately 85% to 90% of special RSD titles and ordered heavily on those titles that we are super excited about, that make the most sense for our customer base, and fit with our regular sales information. For a full list of Record Store Day Releases, visit Record Store Day


We will be opening 2 hours early on RSD at 9am. Line forms with the first person who shows up and will run west on Frankfort (toward the river, Hilltop, Sweet Surrender, etc). THIS YEAR WE WILL BE CLOSING AT 9PM.

Getting in Structure:

When 9am hits, we will begin letting in the first people in line, 5 people at a time, in 3-5 minute intervals.  So, if you’re 16th in line, you’ll be in the store by 9:09 to 9:15ish. Please be courteous to our neighbors and each other as you wait. 


All Special Release RSD items will be primarily in two places in the store: on the wall and column shelves and in the front of the record bins in the punk-indie-alternative section. The front window area will house all RSD 7-inches. LP releases will line the walls in alphabetical order, starting to the immediate left and running clockwise through the entire store. So if you’re looking for a Bowie picture disc release, it will likely be in the front of the store on a shelf over the punk-indie-alternative section. If Robyn is on your wish list, it may be around the corner on a shelf over the cheap LPs, or further up over the CDs, or in one of the RSD labeled bins. All RSD merch will be clearly labeled with orange price stickers. Pieces placed on the columns will be in random order.  Box sets will likely be in a special section devoted just to them. As always, if you need help locating an item, just ask. We are happy to help!

Also, as RSD is following new release Friday, New releases LPs will be specially marked in their own bin.


NO HOLDING SPACES IN LINE (of course, let your line neighbors out to support Girls Rock Louisville who will be handing out coffee and donuts for us all morning! )

Only 1 RSD item of its kind per person (i.e. No, we’re super sorry but you can’t pick up an extra special release for a friend.)

No holds on special RSD releases.


In addition to special releases we will run 10% off all regularly priced merchandise! (excluding already on sale items, consignment, and RSD19 merch). Plus we have loads of used LPs saved up for the day


Make sure to join us ALL DAY for a fun day of festivities. We have specially designed Guestroom mugs for the occasion, and DJ sets from, Spinsters Union of Louisville, White Reaper (DJ SET ONLY), and Nathan Salsburg, plus a KR8VN8VS Records Showcase, and performances from Buddy Crime and Joan Shelley.